Solstice Dawn Solargraphy on Crouch Hill


Limited Edition of 172
This image of a solar processed print (using the sun to expose photosensitive inks), was made at the top of Crouch Hill in Banbury, in the dawn hours of 21st June; the Summer Solstice. Marrying the Sun’s light with plants and leaves from the area, this print was a one-off, created at the same time that millions were celebrating the power of the Sun and it’s seasons.

• Giclee print (unframed)
• H 24″ x W 20″ (61 cm x 50.8 cm)
• Heavyweight fine art paper
• Signed and numbered by the artist Ben Brewis (Firesnake)

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Solar processing uses the Sun’s UV rays to activate photosensitive inks, creating a unique artwork literally from thin air. Producing a work using invisible rays that have travelled across billions of miles of deep space, is a tremendously satisfying experience. By using natural plants to order the light patterns, the ‘photo-synthesis’ is redirected onto the canvas, which is then washed to fix/end the developing process.

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